PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source relational database. It has gained a dynamic reputation for credibility, performance and features with over 30 years of active development. Both SQL and JSON queries are supported by PostgreSQL. For many web applications PostgreSQL is used as the primary database. As well as for mobile and analytics applications.


Why PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is a highly stable database management system. It has wide community development which has contributed to its high levels of resilience, integrity and correctness.


Open Source DBMS

PostgreSQL provides enterprise class performance and functions among current open source DBMS. One of the greatest advantages is that PostgreSQL users can directly participate in the community and can post and share inconveniences and bugs.


Diverse Community

PostgreSQL has a wide variety of communities. Development possibility is superior with collecting opinions with its own global community.


Diverse Indexing Techniques

PostgreSQL provides different types of index techniques. Such as B+ tree, GIN(Generalized Inverted Index), GiST(Generalized Search Tree) etc.


Diverse Kinds of Replication

Varieties of replication methods are supported by PostgreSQL. Such as Streaming Replication, Slony-I and Cascading.



PostgreSQL supports ACID(Atomicity, Consistency,isolation, Durability).


Why is PostgreSQL a Good Database Choice?

Large and sophisticated data can be stored safely with PostgreSQL. It helps developers to build the most complex applications, run administrative tasks and create an integral environment. PostgreSQL offers a wide variety of data types. Postgre has features such as table inheritance and function overloading which can be important to certain applications.