8 Must Haves For an E-Commerce Site

Author: Taslima Akhter,

UI/UX Lead at Zensprint

Published: Jan. 29, 2023

Modified: Feb. 2, 2024

E-commerce Business

In this emerging worldwide economy e-commerce has become an essential platform for business. E-commerce platforms qualify companies to extend their business accordingly. To provide customers with the best online shopping experience it is very necessary that your e-commerce site is optimized. 

To direct the target audience on point and to keep the e-commerce platform on trend it is essential to maximize the latest e-commerce features. Here are 8 essential features that every e-commerce site must have  -


E-Commerce Site


Responsive Website Design 


In today's generation, people are serving mobile phones more to purchase from online. With just a few clicks and scrolls they can buy their desired products. So it is very essential that your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices. 


Due to the global pandemic, many people have adopted e-commerce sites as their purchase shop. With increased customized branded apps the journey of online customers has also become optimistic. 

To make your site mobile responsive design you need to ensure that your site is developed in a structure that is adaptable to all screen sizes, settings, and resolutions. You can also do a mobile responsive test on your e-commerce site. 


Easy-to-Use Navigation


When people enter a website the attention of visitors can decline within a short span of time. To keep their attention longer it is very important to keep them engaged. 


It is possible when the customer can go wherever they want to go on the site easily and effectively. It can be for purchasing a product or getting more information about a product or contacting the customer service. 


To ensure that it is important that your e-commerce site navigation is user-friendly.  


Research shows that most people spend maximum time on the left portion of the website. So to keep the engagement for a longer time pay attention to the left side of your website. 


Another way of making your website optimistic is to keep the menu vertical. That way, you can easily move your website to a mobile responsive design. Also, it makes it easier for customers to navigate the website. Some more tips to design your menu are:


  • Catalog the most essential features on the top
  • Insert a search option
  • Use SEO-optimized words for the menu
  • Entitle significant pages 
  • Use submenu


Diverse Security Features


Technology is advancing day by day. So as the risk of hacking and security violations. Another important feature of an optimized site is multiple security features. To secure the information of your customers and keep it from the hands of hackers some security system is essential. Some must have security features-


SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate 


This security feature makes sure that data is safe that transits between a web server and the browser. Developers can implement SSL in an auto-renewal way.


Multi-Factor Authentication 


Passwords can be jeopardized. To ensure the security of accounts and information two-factor authentication is essential. Also changing passwords regularly can support the security system.


Select Plug-ins Cautiously


To secure the website choosing plug-ins carefully is important. Here is some Best Website Security Software to choose safe plug-ins.


Multiple Payment  Method


Like any other features, payment methods should also be flexible for your e-commerce site. Only one payment method restricts the buying process for some customers. Multiple payment methods open more options to pay for purchasing. 


First, you need to identify which type of payment methods are using your target audience. Then develop those methods in your website to increase customer experience. 


Modern Payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal, Newpay, and digital wallets are gaining much popularity. Whereas some people still prefer Traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit cards. 


Payment methods should be amplified clearly before proceeding to check out. Provide all the detailed information of payment methods to the customer so that they can choose according to their preference.


Detail Information about Shipping and Return 


Due to the global pandemic shipping and return strategies have taken a shift to fulfill consumer expectations. To do well in an e-commerce platform it is important for brands to maintain customers' expectations. 


Research shows that many customers are highly influenced to purchase a product with a free shipping charge. Whereas a portion of consumers prefers to have the detailed information about shipping charges before making a purchase.


 So to gain trust and fulfill customers' expectations it is very important that your website displays the correct information about shipping. Whether you are offering free shipping or paid shipping, make it clear to the customers beforehand. 


Websites, that failed to do so are often left with customers in the cart or they move to a different brand with more clear information about shipping. Fulfilling customers' needs may create customer relationships and also gain repeat customers. 3 ways are listed below to gain customer trust-

  • Show detailed information about availability and stock amount of products. 
  • Display the return procedure and shipping time correctly.
  • Make customers aware of return and shipping policies.


Display pictures and videos of high quality 


To make your website optimistic it is very important to keep your customer engaged within the website. Visual representation of your website affects a lot in the behavior of a customer. The first impression of your website brings changes in consumer behavior. 


Research shows that many businesses rely on the visual content of their website. Nowadays uploading only high-quality photos and videos is not enough to increase the level of your website. To level up the visual content of your site here are some tips-


Making Images and Videos Shoppable 


Develop your e-commerce site in a structure where customers can purchase straight from the visual content. If images and videos are linked directly with the purchasing procedure then customers tend to buy more from just the visual display. Many social media platforms are now allowing customers to buy their desired products through photos and videos.



Coping up with customers' needs is one of the main priorities of today's business life. Customized messages and inserting their name at first of the message are not getting enough to fulfill the needs of customers. 

To enhance the digital experience of your customer, offer them products according to their region, demographic and preferences.


Customer Generated Content 


It is a great initiative for e-commerce sites to let customers generate content. In this way, you get an idea about what type of products customers prefer. Customer-generated content is not only images and videos.

 It can also be reviews and testimonials given by customers. Many consumers prefer to check reviews before buying a product. So if you develop your site with customer-generated content then it will take your business to one step ahead. 


Virtual and Augmented Reality


Augmented and virtual reality are becoming new trends in e-commerce shopping. Brands are now allowing customers to try products before purchasing with the help of technology. It is a whole new experience for customers. 


Multiple Contact Options


To build customer relationships it is necessary to allow customers to reach you easily. Consumers might have lots of queries regarding products, orders,s and other stuff.


Providing only one contact option might lower the customer's interest to communicate. Some customers might not be comfortable using that option. Using multiple contact options might help the customers to choose from according to their comfort zone. So to increase customer relationships, provide multiple contact options to your website. 


Shopping Cart and Checkout Options


The main goal of any e-commerce website is to reach revenue. To ensure that one of the important features is an optimized shopping cart. Optimized shopping cart features can be swift service, seamless checkout, Multiple payment options, etc. 


Customers facing difficulty to use these features may result in a negative effect on your brand. Research shows that the reason for most cart abandonment is due to the difficulty in checking out. Also, customers prefer to have detailed information about billing before checkout. 


So to make sure that customers complete the purchase process you need to optimize your shopping cart and checkout options. Here are some tips to optimize your shopping cart and check out options-


Clickable Products


Allow customers to review the detailed information of products such as size, color, and number while billing so that they can avoid ordering the wrong product. 


Optimal Product Names and Details


Make sure to use SEO-related keywords for product details and disperse the product name throughout all the pages. Use words that are familiar to your customer. Make a list of the information about the products. 


Display Checkout Button For Several Locations


Websites with different checkout buttons for different locations are gaining more attention from customers than others. With several checkout options, customers can see the detailed information from any location.


Summing Up


Websites with optimization have positive effects on business. These are some important features that make your website optimized and make sure that your business levels up. 


With this emerging competitive business world it is essential that your e-commerce website is unique and also user friendly to the customers. These must-have features will ensure to keep your website is top-notch in quality in today’s world.